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60 years
of experience

The Caffè Rojto roasting company has been present on the Italian market since 1961 with its high quality coffees selected with care and passion to give the consumer an aspresso blend of excellence. Our history has always been marked on the love for our work that has allowed us over time to refine our ability to carefully select and roast coffees from the best areas of the world.

The quality of our blends has always been the basis on which to rest our work and the long experience we have gained from them in sixty years has proved useful for making them even more unique and suitable for the best use for an excellent Made in Italy espresso.

The extreme attention with which we select, roast and take care of our blends has allowed us to guarantee the customer a superior quality coffee, with a sweet and balanced taste, rich in body and with a low caffeine content, a prerogative the latter of the Arabica coffees from the best plantations that represent the essence of our blends.

A good coffee has its history, its traditions, dedication, research and sentiment;
these are just some of the ingredients that Caffè Rojto continues to guarantee
always working to convey the passion for coffee.

The company

Our company has been importing and roasting green coffee for over 60 years with the same care and passion. We import raw coffee from the best plantations in the world paying particular attention to the selection and continuity of our coffee. Every single batch is first sampled, roasted, tasted and inserted into our blends after careful analysis.

We roast our coffee in a diversified way according to the blends with well-defined cooking times. The different roasting curves allow to enhance the organoleptic quality and taste of each single blend. In this way, the Arabica qualities that represent the basis of our blend can implement their aroma and the higher sugar content while having a low caffeine content while the best Robusta qualities are present. in minimal quantities, they give our blends the body and cream essential for an excellent Italian espresso. We cool our coffee exclusively with air to better preserve the aroma

We then store the various blends leaving them to mature for at least 72 hours in silos where the cooked coffee matures in such a way as to release an unmistakable aroma and taste.

We also pack our 1 kg packet of coffee after a final scrupulous check.

We grind our three blends for subsequent packaging in 250g packets under atmospheric vacuum for customers who wish to taste it at home or in the office.

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