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A good coffee has its history, its traditions, dedication, research and sentiment; these are just a few ingredients that Caffè Rojto continues to guarantee, always working to transmit the passion for coffee.

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Where our coffee is born

Every year between March and October the owner, accompanied by his collaborators, travels between Brazil, India and Central America to guarantee himself the best batches of Arabica and robusta carefully selected.

The classic espresso is obtained from the two most common qualities: sweet, aromatic Arabica with a pleasant acidity and not very creamy, and the "robusta" much more resistant and decidedly more bitter and full-bodied. By making these harmonious blends, Caffè Rojto has always transmitted its passion for coffee.

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Preparare the coffee

The pleasure of coffee is achieved thanks to the 5 M Rule . The right mix of these ingredients will give you a magical moment with an irresistible taste.

The coffee blend finely researched and processed. The professional espresso machine, recommended according to needs by coffee specialists. The grinding, frequent and meticulous, able to guarantee the aroma and freshness The maintenance on the machine and the grinder-doser The expert hand of the barista, capable of making the real difference.


Billions of coffees consumed daily around the world


Euro is the annual per capita expenditure on coffee


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