Welcome to the new site on line of Caffè Rojto.
In these pages you will discover the world coffee Rojto with its lines, from different mixes, ready to satisfy the tastes of our customers. In addition to the line Rojto, which takes its name from the roasting Vercelli, you want to know more about the products of the section "Le Rotte del Caffè" and "Saima" together with all derivatives and those that will soon be.

All this without forgetting the traditions, opening his arms to market novelties and your changing needs.

Among the main pages you will discover our history and care with which we select our blends for years. We have structured our Web site so that it is simple and easy to use for all of our consumers, ensuring the wide possibility of navigation between our front lines and derived products.

Soon it will also be used to e-commerce page, easy to order online all our best blends both in case you are professional bartenders and private connoisseurs of coffee. Also in the "find us" will be available all the bars that serve coffee with passion of our range, so you're free to try our blends directly, a way too, to show you the faith we have in respect of employees who first we have chosen to research carried out through the efforts and about our products.

Entering the world Rojto, you will discover why and how roasting "has always worked to convey his passion for coffee".


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